Money Sellers, a financial management service on the marketplaces, has expanded its list of founders. Investor and expert in the field of software development Alexander Sokolov became a shareholder in the company. This follows from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, which RB.RU drew attention to.

Experts, answering the question about the need for such services, say that they successfully integrate into the platform ecosystem, “unload” markets and help sellers understand the calculation and analysis of complex financial indicators.

A new participant has entered the capital of the financial management service in the Money Sellers markets
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According to the Kontur.Focus system, in 2020 Alexander Sokolov registered an individual entrepreneur in St. Petersburg, the main activity of which is software development. He is also the founder of the medical institutions Nanomed Cosmo LLC and Nanomed Plus LLC in Irkutsk.

As of June 27, 2024, Alexander Sokolov owns 3.34% of Moneysellers LLC. The shares of the project founders Sergei Kostyukhin and Egor Glukhikh, who each owned 27%, decreased to 26.1%, Roman Kalinkin – from 23.33% to 22.55%, Ivan Gorodilov – from 18% to 17.4%, Stanislav Kutuzov – from 4.67% to 4.51%.

The company’s general director, Sergei Kostyukhin, confirmed the fact of the transaction to RB.RU, but did not disclose the details. According to him, the company continues to “confidently grow x2 month on month since the start of sales.”

“The market is undergoing changes and financial management services are becoming more and more in demand as margins are shrinking. Therefore, now is the best time to invest in services that increase the financial efficiency of sellers. This happened with Alexander Sokolov, who joined Money Sellers and bought a small share,” he said.

Leonid Delitsyn, an analyst at Finam Group, suggested that the action could cost Alexander Sokolov 2 million rubles. According to his estimates, the entire company could cost 60 million rubles.

“These figures were obtained based on the revenue and net assets of Moneysellers LLC using average multipliers for Russian state-owned companies in the IT sector, as well as discounts for non-advertising and net loss,” the analyst noted.

In 2023, Moneysellers LLC’s revenue amounted to 4.5 million rubles, net loss was 928 thousand rubles.

Adtech market expert Vitaly Gerko, answering a question about the relevance of such services, said that it is difficult for marketplaces to process all requests, from creating a store to fulfillment services, independently, even if each of the more than 500 thousand sellers on Ozon and Wildberries create just one in a week.

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Marketplaces need technology partners to take on some of these tasks. Therefore, projects like MoneySellers are organically integrated into the overall ecosystem of platforms. They help sellers understand the calculation and analysis of complex financial indicators (EBITDA, profitability, net profit, etc.) necessary to assess the financial health of the business and make strategic decisions, he noted.

Money Sellers was established in 2022 by the managing partners of the BisnesKruche financial consulting company Sergei Kostyukhin and Egor Glukhikh and the founder of the MpSellers sellers club, owner of the Septivit company, Ivan Gorodilov.

In the near future, Money Sellers plans to expand integrations with Yandex Market and Megamarket. By the end of 2024, the company intends to increase the number of active sellers on the platform to 1,000.


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Source: RB

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