Photo: “Kalashnikov”

In this 2018, just as Russian specialists from Kalashnikov are working on a promising aircraft on the air “Husky-10”. At the time, the “Rybinsk shipyard” still called it spies.

In the data frame for the first sample of “Husky-10”, which are transmitted to the r.. yuchevoy nature of the material control system.

The experience gained during the tests will allow the shipbuilders of the Rybinsk shipyard to build a similar vessel with an even greater carrying capacity – up to 20 tons, and in the future – up to 90 tons.

Photo: “Kalashnikov”

The first “Huska-10”, providing universal service, rewritten, rewritten to “Rybinskaya and” for the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which was going to use it in the shelf deposits, but during the development process the oval became interested in the vessel Ministry of Defense.

Source: Tech Cult

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