A computer is more than just a technological device. For most people, PC is one of the main working tools. As well as having a fundamental role in personal life and leisure.

For all these reasons, it’s quite common to have doubts when choosing a new computer. After all, there are a number of factors to consider, taking into account your usage profile and of course the budget you can allocate to invest in the new machine.

Below we share a series of tips that will help you choose a new computer and will definitely save you from headaches later. Follow!

How do you choose the right computer for your daily needs?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the ideal computer for you. (Source: GettyImages / Replica)

There are many options to choose from when choosing the computer you need. Ideally, you should define the main use you intend to put your new machine to. then start analyzing some specific factors. Below we highlight some types of use of the device:

Computer for work

If you want a device to be used primarily for studying, you can choose a less powerful computer, which practically means saving money. After all, you won’t need such advanced features in your equipment.

Still, the screen size of the machine (ideally between 13″ and 14″), portability (ideally a notebook Light enough to be carried around easily), HD space (for more basic usage without accumulating heavy files, a 250GB HD will do the job) and battery life.

Computer for work

Anyone who uses a computer for work needs a machine that won't let them down and is easy to carry around. (Source: GettyImages/Replica)

Nowadays, many people buy computers with the intention of using them for other purposes. home officeor to take you to the office. The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing your construction equipment is to consider its main purpose of use: If you are a programmer or designerFor example, the computer will definitely have certain needs as it needs to be more robust.

However, for general use, it is important to pay attention to basic specifications such as processor, RAM memory, storage space and graphics card. If you do not need heavier applications (for games and editing), you can opt for lighter components.

Typically people prefer to carry a notebook to different places. Like this, Also pay attention to weight, screen size and battery lifeBut of course, personal tastes may cause differences in these aspects.

Computer for video designer and editor

Computers used to edit videos software For the images to increase, they need to bring more robust components that can run heavy applications without slowing down the machine.

The main element to consider here is the processor: in computers for video editing and processing, The best option is to opt for processors. chips offering many coresbecause they will be able to split the execution of tasks into several lines of execution.

RAM memory is also a very important element. This is where the videos will be stored. Since these files are heavy, it is ideal to invest in RAM memory starting from 16 GB.

Finally, a good graphics card will make a big difference. Having a motherboard dedicated to rendering clips and videos will speed up your process and bring more agility, which is essential in this type of work.

Computer actor

Who wants to choose a PC or notebook To play you need to pay special attention to such components as:

  • powerful video cards;
  • fast processors;
  • sufficient RAM memory;
  • fast storage.

Check if these key points (video card, processor, RAM and storage) meet the minimum requirements for the games you intend to play.

Another important point is knowing whether the computer will be upgraded or expanded in the future. This is relevant because games and equipment They are always improving and you definitely don’t want to have to change your equipment too quickly.

Finally, remember that games require a lot of knowledge. equipmentThis causes your computer to heat up more than normal. Therefore, gaming laptop Have an adequate cooling system and good ventilation to prevent overheating.

Which is better: assembling a computer or buying a ready-made one?

If you are clear about your usage needs and know the components well, you may choose to assemble your new machine. (Source: GettyImages / Reproduction)

Many users ask this question when they start comparing the values ​​of two options. In general, you can consider the following: If you know your computer’s components well, it may be worth assembling your computer, or notebookBut if that is not the case, Your best bet is to try to purchase a ready-made machine. To avoid problems in the future due to wrong choices.

In fact, customization is often worth it if you have a clear idea of ​​your usage profile. For example, if you’re going to use your computer for video editing, you can choose the sound and graphics cards that best meet your demands.

What is the average cost of a complete computer?

The values ​​of complete computers vary greatly depending on their components. (Source: GettyImages/Replica)

This is a complex question with no single answer. will depend mainly on the machine selectedthe components it has and the price differences – for example, when there are imported components, there are changes according to the dollar exchange rate.

However, it is possible to estimate the general values ​​that will change depending on the acquisition time. A computer desktop You can find this product, which is simple, with a mid-range configuration that will allow you to browse the Internet, run text programs and play lighter games, on the market for an average price of R$ 2,500 or less. Depending on the extras (such as differences in processor, graphics card, storage, etc.), this value can go up.

I’m already going to the other extreme, a computer actor good and complete, high level of components and capable of running extremely complex gamesIt can lead to an investment of more than R$ 8 thousand. This will vary depending on the value of the motherboard, processor and more powerful graphics cards.

Finally, anyone who needs a solid machine for intensive image editing will need a computer with truly exceptional performance. To give you an idea, a 24-inch Apple iMac M1, Apple M1 Processor with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB costs around R$ 15,000 in 2024 values.

What components and features should be considered before purchasing a computer?

It's important to understand the function of each component when choosing your new computer. (Source: GettyImages/Replica)

Understanding the function of computer components isn’t always easy, but it’s crucial when deciding which machine to buy.

Depending on your device’s configuration, it will perform differently. Learn what each part of your new computer does below:


The processor is the “brain” of your computer and controls all the activities that take place on it.

Therefore, pay attention to the characteristics of this feature. equipmentSo it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, has good energy consumption and has a graphics card for processing and reproducing images and videos.

RAM memory

RAM memory is a technology that allows access to files stored on your mobile phone, PC or computer. notebookIf your primary use of your computer goes beyond just browsing network, It is good to have more than 2 GB of RAM To ensure that you have good speed and overall system performance.

To store

Basically, your computer’s internal storage is concentrated in two types: equipment: HD vs SSD. Both store your machine’s files, but with one difference: the former tends to slow down your computer, while SSD uses a file format. chip and makes data available faster.

Therefore, ideally you should use both systems. By installing an SSD, you will enable your machine to perform various tasks faster. However, if your demand is not too high, only HD will do the job.

Video card

The graphics card is an important factor, especially for those who use a lot of graphics resources. games or people who edit videos and photos.

They exist two types of video cards, on board This back face. Marking on board These are the ones built into the motherboard and are generally not as powerful as external video cards. back faceIt is recommended that you have at least 1 GB of video memory.

Operational system

Another thing to consider is the operating system. You can save a lot of money when you buy a computer that comes with an operating system from the factory.

For example: In Windows system, you will get your computer with Office suite which can be quite expensive if purchased separately. Same goes for Apple’s MacOS system.

What are the main mistakes made when buying a computer?

Some aspects need to be analyzed carefully to avoid mistakes when purchasing. (Source: GettyImages / Replica)

Buying the perfect computer for your needs is not always an easy task. There are some common mistakes that are made now, so it is very important to pay attention to what can happen at that moment. Take a look at the main mistakes people make below:

Buy mismatched parts

When choosing components for your machine, It is relatively common for people to not pay attention to compatibility between them. – for example, whether the motherboard is compatible with the processor. One way to overcome this issue is to choose components from the same platform.

Not observing what comes in the operating system

OS software It’s an important part of your computer, the thing that runs your programs. But some of these software It is only compatible with one operating system.

If you do not pay attention to this information, you run the risk of choosing your computer with the intention of using mostly one type of program and then not being able to do it.

Always choose the cheapest options

Remember the saying “cheap is expensive”? Sometimes it’s worth investing a little more in your computer It is a guarantee that you will have more power for the uses you need and that your computer will last longer. Therefore, try to opt for more well-known brands that have good reviews from other users.

Do not compare prices

Many people are so nervous when it comes to buying a computer that they buy from the first store they visit or are fooled by the enticing talk of salespeople in brick-and-mortar stores. Competition is fierce today, so always consider the possibility that you can find the exact same computer you want at a cheaper price elsewhere.

Did you like this buying guide? Stay tuned to TecMundo to get the most comprehensive tips on computers and the world of technology in general. Until later!

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