Carnivorous plants are charming and unusual, but this newly discovered flower is even more rustic, which is a pitcher plant that hunts for prey in the soil.

Usually pitcher plants attract insects with their modified above-ground leaves. These are elongated appendages resembling a jug, in the form of a cylinder with a fast top and closed. Insects are first lured by bright spots or sweetish nectar, however, upon landing, they roll down the smooth surface of the flower inward, where they drown in a pool of water and are digested.

Nepenthes bashful

In 2012, an international group of ours loaded these countries, however, it later turned out that they had shoots with full-fledged kuwimis hidden underground. They are in underground strips or directly in the soil, their pitchers are up to 11 s in a row of ants. They were classified as a special type of Nepenthes pudica – the second word comes from the Latin pudicus – “stiff”.

So, the flowers have developed soybean underground pitchers because of the high-mountainous climate, which is lacking here. Granted, n the last information.

Source: Tech Cult

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