for almost a year, Spotify It is trying to get its own payment system for its premium users. However, it is desirable that third parties do not have great interests in something that they almost never do. Well, it is known that the tests have started for those using devices with the Android operating system.

The goal, according to the well-known music streaming platform, is to get more equity while providing users with payment options. users. And this is one of the greatest advances offered, because they are what is possible. to choose The most convenient system when paying the corresponding monthly payment. In other words, you still have the possibility to use the gateway Google offers through its online store or, if you fail to do so, pay Spotify directly. The good news is because anything that expands the possibilities is always welcome.

Test start by Spotify

According to known data, this process is at an advanced stage. started in the USA and it will become official soon because the stability has been proven to be excellent and the security complete. To offer direct payment for accessing the Spotify Premium service, the program developed by Google wanted Election Billing.

Sign up for Spotify Premium service


The operation really easy, because the process is very intuitive when you choose that you want to access the services with a Premium account in the music app. So, a screen appears where you can choose whether you can choose to pay directly with Spotify or with the official Android store (there are a few very large icons for that). Then everything happens the same way: the necessary data is entered, including the credit card. So, no nothing extra This makes registration difficult by not using the Google service.

Curious: Google doesn’t stop being completely present

We’re not talking about using the Mountain View company’s payment gateway if you make the monthly payment with Spotify itself. Where Google maintains its presence is by continuing to charge a percentage in the form of commissions. amount this is paid 4%, so Android’s creative firm continues to take its share of the pie, but by a smaller amount. And this is something that has its own logic, because we must not forget that. your store is still in use as the hosting for the application and the service mentioned above (Choice Billing).

All in all, this is a good move to go break the chains available on official app stores for mobile devices (especially regarding percentages charged on transactions). Apple and Google have had to take steps—almost mandatory—to allow users to have more choice, and as a result, companies like Spotify have more control over and benefit from their products.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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