Digital Trends in Spanish

Using a mobile app Unitedwhich saves customers an average of 30 minutes at the airport, the introduction of Spanish-language features is designed to help customers save time and navigate the airport quickly with information available in their preferred language.

Customers can now check in, get a boarding pass, change seat assignments, use the route finder feature, get help with automatic rebookings using United’s self-service tools and more in Spanish, which will automatically appear for app users whose devices are set up in Spanish.

By the end of this year, the entire application will be translated into Spanish.

More translations on the horizon

United will continue to translate the app into additional languages ​​this year, making it the first domestic airline to offer languages ​​other than English and Spanish on its mobile app.

Earlier this year, United also added Spanish translations to digital airport signage on all flights departing from the U.S. and arriving to Spanish-speaking international destinations.

Source: Digital Trends

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