If you have a computer with Windows 11 and you haven’t updated it in a while, be careful because you may be out of support very soon. Microsoft has issued a reminder that two versions of the operating system will no longer receive support and security patches.

As Redmond representatives confirmed, the versions of Windows 11 in question will be affected by the end of service, which will begin in the near future. October 8On that day, they will receive the latest security update, and the company will no longer provide protection against new threats thereafter.

This measure will affect computers that are still running versions of 21H2 and 22H2 Windows 11. It’s worth noting that the first of the variants mentioned was the initial version of the operating system, released in the second half of 2021. It hasn’t been supported in regular consumer versions for some time, so it will now be affected. Company, Enterprise Internet of Things And Education.

Meanwhile, in the case of 22H2, Microsoft indicated that the end of updates will affect Windows 11 Home and Professional. What will happen after October 8 to computers that cannot be updated to new software builds? Users will be able to continue using them as usual, but they will no longer have any protection if new vulnerabilities or security flaws are discovered.

Microsoft Ends Support for Older Windows 11 Editions

Microsoft Ends Support for Older Windows 11 Editions
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Microsoft announced that Windows 11 23H2 Automatic Update Will Be Releasedwhich is the most recent publicly available version. However, it will be available to certain computers, such as those running the enterprise version but not managed by IT departments.

“To help keep you protected and productive, Windows Update automatically initiates feature updates for enterprise-grade Windows 11 devices not managed by IT when they are about to reach end of service. By moving to Windows 11 version 23H2, you’ll keep your device compliant and receive the monthly updates you need to keep the ecosystem secure and healthy.


The issue of updates is always a source of controversy in Windows 11. Although logic dictates that we should update our computers to the latest software to keep them protected, many refuse to install updates as long as possible. And in many cases, they can’t be blamed.

The latest versions of Windows 11 come with AI tools such as Second pilotIts integration into the operating system is useless and intrusive for many users, and sometimes more time is spent disabling these unwanted features than updating the computer itself.

It should be added that Microsoft has decided to fragment the rollout of its latest version of Windows 11. Version 24H2 is currently only launched for Co-pilot + PCwhich has caused a lot of criticism from the public. And let’s not forget that Redmond recently had to stop the update from rolling out due to a technical glitch that caused constant reboots or outright prevented the computer from starting.

However, if you are still running Windows 11 21H2 or 22H2, be aware that you will soon be left completely unprotected and This is never recommendedGiven the large number of computer threats, you should not leave the security of your data and files to chance.

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