Little is known on Wikipedia: he lives in China and works under the pseudonym “Chm” Over the past ten years, more than 200 articles on rrrr have been written from under his pen.

At some point, the editors of Wikipedia realized that Zhemao’s writings had nothing to do with history and were pure fiction, after which the ban on his restriction of publication passed.

Of these opuses, more reminiscent of historical fiction novels, Wikipedia is used, found in relation to the struggle of the ancient Slavic peoples, officials belonging to various and private individuals, never found among representatives of different breeds.

The former is a catch-up example of not accepting commands + After Zhemao’s “exposing”, a public apology. However, this story does not answer the main question – about the motives of false history. It is possible that he simply implements his creative thought through Wikipedia. But why not immediately start writing fabric Romans?

Source: Tech Cult

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