The platform’s president, Adam Mosseri, confirmed last Tuesday (09) that Instagram will continue to focus on short videos. The manager states that the social network understands this Reels are one of the best ways to connect people to their interests.

According to Mosseri, Instagram has two purposes: to connect you with your friends and family, and also Keep people connected to the topics that interest them most, usually through short videos.

“These two goals are symbiotic. You watch a great video that makes you laugh out loud at a comedian, and then you decide to send it to someone you think should laugh at it,” the manager explained.

Longer videos offer a different kind of experience, Mosseri says. This type of content is more engagingrequires more user attention and has less potential for engagement. “You’re less likely to share a long video with a friend,” he noted.

Because, Instagram won’t focus on long videosYes, videos up to 1 hour long can be published on Instagram, but the platform does not want to focus on this type of content.

In the video, Mosseri doesn’t mention the platform’s investment in daily broadcastsLike photos in Feed or Stories, however, that format will likely continue to live and function normally, but long videos may not last forever on the network.

Worth mentioning There was a time when Instagram invested in long-form videos through IGTVThe format even had its own app, but it was discontinued in 2022 after several revival attempts.

Source: Tec Mundo

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