Spotify announced yesterday (09): podcast commentsallows listeners and creators to engage more. The company is also launching a new app for creators that includes episode management improvements.

Expanding on the question and survey function launched in 2021, the new feature aims to bring users and those responsible for the programs even closer together. You can leave your impressions of the episode as soon as you finish listening to well as making suggestions for new productions.

Listeners can now leave reviews for their favorite podcasts on Spotify.

Depending on the stream, you will be able to comment on all podcasts on the service. However, the creator will need to activate the toolIn addition to comments needing to be reviewed and approved, there is the possibility of making the message visible to the entire channel, specific sections, or none of the options.

“Comments have been a highly requested feature by podcasters and Spotify listeners, and we’re excited to introduce it because we’re passionate about making Spotify the best platform for creators of all kinds to connect with their biggest fans,” the company wrote. A statement. The feature will be available to everyone soon App for Android and iOS.

New app for creators

The stream will also launch a New app for podcastersThis will be more inclusive and will benefit all producers regardless of where the show is produced. The updated version includes some improvements such as notification features.

Now, the creator will be able to know immediately whether his program is performing well and whether it is included in the flow chart. It will also be easier check listener feedback and you can manage comments directly from there, approve or reject received messages.

The new Spotify app for podcasters will be available starting on: Gradual path for creatorsIn the coming days, according to the platform.

Source: Tec Mundo

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