Microsoft has scored a small win in its adoption strategy Windows 11. The latest version of the operating system started to close the gap with Windows 10The most recent graph shows a slight increase in user share, although it is still far from being a dominant system.

According to data from statistics counter, Windows 11 is very close to reaching 30% of Windows users. Despite the slowdown in March and April, the operating system has managed to recover and the adoption curve continues to rise. On the contrary, Windows 10 Lost a Small Percentage in May and June, although it remains at the top with 66% of the market.

The excitement comes just weeks after the launch of Copilot+ PCs, AI-focused laptops with a Qualcomm chip. While there are no sales figures yet, Windows 11 curve likely to continue rising in coming monthsAnother important factor is that Windows 10 is approaching its end of life, so some users will be switching to the latest version of the operating system.

Microsoft has stepped up its campaign to encourage adoption Windows 11: A few months ago, the tech giant was accused of using intrusive methods on Windows 10 computers. Dozens of users reported the issue after installing an additional update. Full-screen ad offering to install Windows 11.even if the computer did not meet the minimum requirements.

While Windows 11 will gain followers in the coming months, the truth is that a significant amount of equipment will not be able to be updated. Some activists have asked Microsoft to extend the support period for Windows 10. Unfortunately, the Redmond giant has not changed its plans and remains firm.

Microsoft Windows 7 Wallpaper

Windows 10 is losing users, while Windows 7 is gaining some

One of the most striking points on the chart is related to Windows 7This version of the operating system refuses to die, and the proof is that acquired several users in June 2024.Although the growth is minimal, the percentage has remained at 3% over the past 12 months.

Windows 7 support ended on June 14, 2020.although this did not stop some users from supporting this version. The Windows curse was present again, as computer owners did not need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and were waiting for Windows 10 to arrive.

This dynamic was reproduced in Windows 11 and Some users find it useful to wait until Windows 12 makes the changes.In any case, staying on an operating system version without security updates can be dangerous. Especially if it is a computer that you use every day and connect to the Internet.

According to 0patch, a company that provides security updates for unsupported versions, Windows 7 Has Over 70 Critical Unpatched Vulnerabilities. This scenario will repeat itself in Windows 10 starting on October 14, 2025, when Microsoft finally says goodbye to the most used version of its operating system.

Source: Hiper Textual

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