Wildberries and Russ are launching a new tool for sellers, this is the first joint project. In the fall, sellers of the site will have access to the group’s digital designs, the market’s press service reported.

Wild berry sellers will begin placing their ads on billboards in Russ
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“A new joint service with Russ Group will be integrated into the Wildberries advertising platform: in the personal account of marketplace sellers, it will be possible to place ads on Russ’s digital inventory throughout Russia,” the company said in a statement.

They added that the trading platform system will automatically select the product category to which the seller belongs. Based on this, the seller will be offered several pre-agreed designs.

At the start of the project, sellers will be able to choose between two formats: digital city formats (120×180 cm) and digital billboards.

Last month, Wildberries announced a merger with outdoor advertising operator Russ. The trading platform’s CEO and founder, Tatyana Bakalchuk, announced that she will lead the merged company.

On July 4, Wildberries and Russ established a joint venture, RVB LLC, with an authorized capital of 20 million rubles.

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Source: RB

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