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The current St. Petersburg SPBPU has announced or combined two years of use of woks, which should allow Russia to maintain sovereignty in the field and technologies of microelectronics. What is the idea of ​​using non-bulk nanolithography and using paper?

The maskless nanolithograph developed at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University makes it possible to obtain images on silicon substrates without using a mask, which is much simpler and noticeably cheaper than in the case of conventional lithographs that use templates. The use of automated lithography is due to the dismantling of the necessary software.

In my opinion, the place of plasma-chemical etching, for example, the formation of nanostructures that arose to create silicon membranes. However, the project does not include any membranes.

Maskless nanolithography and plasma-chemical etching can be advanced in a variety of directions. First of all, what is the definition of radar?

As they say, SPBP specialists provide work for the Soviet Union. electronics.

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