In June, the Apple TV+ streaming service debuted the series Overcoming Innocence, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and based on the famous novel by Scott Turow. The author, by the way, wrote the book under the impression of his participation in a case of corruption in the judicial system, so the legal fervor in his texts is quite understandable.

The series stands out for its gripping plot and powerful drama, but before diving into its analysis, it is worth remembering that this project is not the first attempt to adapt the novel. In 1990, a film starring Harrison Ford was released, which also left a bright mark on the legal thriller genre.

You could even say that the film was a real hit and set the bar high for all business thrillers in the future.

Was the series able to repeat the success of the 90s film? Let’s take things one by one. As always, things are not so clear-cut. We’ll tell you without spoilers.


  • Gyllenhaal vs. Ford
    Timing fell on everyone
    The series is extremely intriguing
    Conclusion: worth watching, we are waiting for the outcome

Gyllenhaal vs. Ford

What is the series about?: Both the film and the series follow Rusty Sabich, a Chicago prosecutor who finds himself accused of murdering his colleague and lover. Her body was found with her skull smashed in and ritually hand-made.

As the story progresses, we see Rusty’s life falling apart before our eyes: his professional career is in jeopardy and his family relationships are hanging by a thread.

The series, the player has the opportunity to perfectly reveal the characters due to the timing. If in the original film Harrison Ford appears charming and a little alienated, then Gyllenhaal in the series is a completely different story.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Rusty Sabich is a creative and multi-faceted character. Gyllenhaal portrays him as an outright villain who walks the line between morality and ethics. Rusty tries to prove his innocence in Caroline’s murder, but in doing so, he reveals what a bad person he has been for years. It’s funny that this archetype gets the comeuppance he deserves.

What we have before us is not just a remake of the film, but self-adaptationwhere the emphasis is placed differently.

Gyllenhaal does a great job with the role, giving the character more humanity and emotional complexity. Unlike Harrison Ford, who created the confident and charismatic Rusty, Gyllenhaal portrays his character as a man with internal conflicts and flaws.

He conveys huge outbursts of anger and frustration as convincingly as he does the quiet, thoughtful moments, creating a well-rounded and deep portrayal of Rusty.

Timing fell on everyone

Since the series is nearly six hours long, each of the characters and their stories are given ample time to be fleshed out and developed.

For example, one of the key characters in both the film and the series is Barbara Sabich, Rusty’s wife. In the 1990 film, she was played by Bonnie Bedelia, creating the image of a devoted and suffering wife who is forced to cope with her husband’s infidelity and his legal problems. Bonnie played Barbara with gentleness and fortitude, inflicting a deep emotional wound forced upon her by infidelity.

In the 2024 series, Barbara is played by Ruth Negga. Her Barbara is a woman who not only suffers from her husband’s infidelity, but also actively participates in his defense. Negga brings more strength and determination to the role of Barbara, making her not just a victim, but a full participant in dramatic events.

Her Barbara is a modern woman who is not afraid to fight for her family and her truth. These moments are given a lot of time.

The series is extremely intriguing

The series’ plot unfolds more slowly than the film, forcing viewers to be more invested in the details of the case and the characters’ experiences. The courtroom scenes in the series are particularly noteworthy: they are filled with tension and legal nuances, making them gripping even for those who are far from legal. It is interesting to watch the complexities of the case unfold, and Rusty tries to fight the system in which he was once a star.

The show has a knack for showing these scenes in short, intense moments, capturing our attention and interest without forcing us to sit through minute after minute of pointless courtroom deliberations. Politics also play a major role throughout the show. The rivalries and hatreds that flare up before our eyes are nothing short of entertaining, especially when they haunt the courtroom.

Conclusion: worth watching, we are waiting for the outcome

Despite the somewhat drawn-out plot, the series remains interesting due to the deep character development and the acting skills. The series will be of interest not only to fans of the original film, but also to lovers of legal dramas, as well as those who appreciate complex moral dilemmas and psychological tension.

This series is recommended for those who are tired of frivolous shows and want something more serious and thoughtful.

There is very little time left until the end of the series – it is already airing today Episode 6. I wonder what the showrunners will do: will the ending be similar to the one we saw in the film, or have the writers come up with something more shocking? Have they dared to change the original ending, which many readers and viewers already know?

The wait is not long, so join us in the anticipation and please don’t spoil it in the comments.

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