A feature already available in other browsers running Chromium (with some delay) may be coming to Google Chrome: the ability to translate selected texts from a pageinstead of translating it in its entirety, as is done by Google Translate today. Microsoft Edge, for example, has been doing this for years.

The news – not so new to competitors – was reported in a Chrome subreddit by user Leopeva64-2, who said he saw a test of the new “Partial Translation” ability on the experimental Canary channel. According to the developer, the feature works when the user selects some text and clicks on an option. “Convert to [idioma]” with the right mouse button.

How to implement Google Chrome’s new “Partial Translation” option?

Currently, Chrome offers built-in translation that applies to the entire page when triggered; this may not be ideal, for example, when only certain parts of this address are in another language. In addition, the feature is limited as it translates the page to the language the user wants, but only for this.

The new option offers a “bubble” in the UI with Google Chrome appearing in the same address bar’s omnibox. It brings partial translation feature in addition to “Turn full page” option. When it comes to mixed languages, alternative languages ​​are shown front and centerwith various options offered by Google Translate in a scroll bar.

As said, the feature is still non-fully functional in Chrome Canary and will arrive in stable builds later this year.

Source: Tec Mundo

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