One of the best options for navigating from your mobile is to use it. Chromium, Google browser and you will find on all kinds of devices. But if you are using the Android version, you’d better update the app as soon as possible.

The truth is, we don’t stop getting news about malware, phishing and other attacks lately. Today we told you about the scam where they use a message from the Tax Office that they will return your Income Tax Return. And now An issue has been discovered in Chrome that could allow attackers to take control of your phone.

This is mainly because, as Gizmochina colleagues reported, a vulnerability classified as high severity has been identified and can cause you quite a few headaches.

More than anything, it’s because New security vulnerability detected in Chrome It can be used by a malicious app, malware or any Android virus to take control of your phone.

Google has already released the patch to fix this vulnerability

To say that the Mountain View-based company noticed this issue and has already released the corresponding Chrome update for Android to fix this dangerous vulnerability. The risk is so high that Google has said it will not discuss it publicly until the patch reaches the vast majority of users. Android version of the popular web browser.

Seems like, This new vulnerability detected in Chrome for Android is related to Web RTC, a platform where you can share all kinds of files. It is widely used by developers to make audio and video applications, but a vulnerability has been identified that can be exploited by attackers to control your phone.

As we mentioned earlier, fortunately Google has already released an update It corresponds to version 103.0.5060.71 of Chrome for Android. So, to fix the problem, simply update the app.

for him, We recommend that you open Google Play Store and type Chrome. Once the app icon appears, click on it and you will see the Update option appear.. Click on this option and wait for the process to finish completely.

And you better do this as soon as possible, because until then, your phone will be vulnerable to potential attacks by exploiting this vulnerability where they can take control of your device.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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