For a monthly fee of just 2.99 euros, you get unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video. The American company releases new titles on its streaming service every month. What new movies, TV series and documentaries are you waiting for in July? That’s what’s new in Amazon Prime Video.

Terminal List (season 1)

of the Terminal List Amazon Prime Video comes up with a blood-curdling action series. The story revolves around the commander, James Reece (played by Chris Pratt). On a covert mission, his team of Navy SEALs is ambushed in a bloody ambush. Twelve special units were killed.

Authorities questioned Reece’s involvement soon after the horrific events. As additional evidence emerges, the lives of James and those close to him are in danger. Unknown forces drag the commander into a conspiracy. Can the man prove his innocence? This new series is based on the best-selling book by Jack Carr. In any case, the flashy trailer promises plenty of show!

Gucci’s House

Almost everyone knows the popular fashion brand Gucci, but less is known about the applications behind the world-famous brand. Film Gucci’s House It is based on true events and provides a fascinating insight into the family empire.

The story spans three decades, discussing topics like power, money, betrayal, and even murder. How long does the Gucci family want to uphold the name of the iconic fashion house? Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, and Al Pacino star, among others. House of Gucci will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 24.

James May: Our Man in Italy

Planning a vacation to Italy? documentaries James May: Our Man in Italy definitely worth it. Famous British presenter James May begins his journey from Sicily and then travels across the country to the northern Dolomites. Along the way, May explores all manner of Italian traditions. He tries to play a traditional instrument and cook pizza. Also, the cheerful sixty-year-old visits Juventus’ training and learns to drive like an Italian in busy cities.

From July 15, those interested will get to know the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean country, where the views, especially in the mountainous areas, are very impressive. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time James May has studied a country from start to finish. The James May: Our Man In Japan documentary series can also be viewed on Amazon Prime Video.

Everything is possible

This romantic comedy follows transgender Kelsa through her senior year of high school. The two start dating when Kelsa’s classmate Khal falls in love with her. Unfortunately, with the start of the relationship, ‘friend’ and ‘girlfriend’ rumors also begin.

In fact, the prejudices are so strong that Kelsa’s close friendship with her best friend comes under pressure. The main question is to what extent the environment is willing to accept this passionate relationship. Despite its serious plot, this movie contains a good dose of humor. Everything is possible On view from July 22.

Paper Girls (season 1)

The brand new series starts on July 29 Paper Girls on Amazon Prime Video. The story is based on the comic book of the same name and takes place in 1988. Four teenagers are handing out newspapers on their bikes every morning. The day after Halloween, the friends suddenly take a strange trip back in time. They will come in 2019.

What is special is that young people meet their own adults. This leads to all kinds of ridiculous situations, because a lot has changed in thirty years. In doing so, they learn about the weaknesses and strengths of their future versions. In this series, the main characters do their best to return to the past.

Donnie Special (season 1)

After getting the beloved rapper with Donnie on the Monnie Donnie Special Another series of its own on Amazon’s streaming service. In fact, Donald Ellerstr√∂m, named after the artist, is researching how to run his own snack bar. This is a long-held dream.

Donnie looks at how he can set up his intended snack bar with his cousin ‘Leipe Dennis’. This includes the business side. Also, the rapper tinkers with top chef Pierre Wind on his own snacks, and fellow rapper Willie Wartaal provides original workwear. At the time of writing, no trailer has been released yet.

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