Apple has registered a patent that will make the iPhone easier to use when in contact with water. This technology is currently in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Will it come to iPhone 14?

The name given to the patent is “changing the functionality of an electronic device in case of exposure to moisture”. Technology can make it easier to use iPhone in the rain. The company wants its users to be able to use their device in any situation.

Raindrops produce “ghost” touches, because the screen recognizes them as if they were a user edition. This can cause unwanted actions to be performed, making the smartphone difficult to use. While most mobile devices are “water resistant”, they do not distinguish between human touch and that of other objects.

The company said its technology will allow the display to adapt to humidity and sense pressure. “The electronic device may include a moisture detector that can detect an amount contained in the protective cover, where when the amount of moisture is more than a threshold amount, The processor determines a location of the touch event based on the sensing signals provided by the capacitance detector and the applied force detector.under patent guarantee.

This means that the screen will need to exert more pressure from the fingers so that the drops do not accidentally activate touch input. This way you will be able to recognize and distinguish between forces when there is a humidity level.

Apple has three modes: dry, wet and underwater. Some functions are not available when the device enters wet mode, for example; that is, they will not appear in the interface. For its part, in underwater mode, the buttons become larger, making it easier for the user to tap.

The fact that Apple has registered this patent does not mean that it will use the technology. On the contrary,It states to the authorities that the app is developed by the company and cannot use it or generate money without the permission of others.

The company has many patents that it doesn’t use or that have been modified over the years, but they don’t necessarily make them to their devices. Likewise, nothing was mentioned about this in the presentation of the iPhone 14, but many times during the launch, Apple users were surprised. It would just be to wait.

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