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Incredible drone flight at the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin


Elon Musk’s electric car company knows full well that if it wants to expand globally, must build factories to sell locally on the main continents.

Tesla always thinks big, and therefore, when he announced that he would open gigafactory in Berlinalso assured that it would be the most modern and advanced of all.

And for you to see for yourself, you can’t miss it Incredible drone flight inside the Tesla Gigafactory assembly line in Berlin. The drone makes its way to the working robots!

When comments on a YouTube video praise the drone pilot more than the impressive factory itself, it’s clear that this is an incredible video.

The drone is being introduced inside the assembly line in full forceand we see impossible things like painting cars inside closed capsules.

Most automakers keep their factories as safe as possible from prying eyes and spies, and finding videos of their assembly lines is next to impossible. Tesla has no problem delivering camera drone to gigafactoryand let it slip where it pleases…

Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin began operating at full capacity on March 22, after two years of construction and at a cost of about 4,000 million euros.

The decision to build it in Germany, according to Tesla, is due to the fact that the country is a world automotive power and has a strong network of suppliers of spare parts and materials.

This gigafactory will be dedicated produce the Tesla Model Y and the future. When you reach peak performance will produce 500,000 electric vehicles per year.

Another very important feature is battery production, which will allow the plant to be self-sufficient, and even sell them to other manufacturers.

Building this Gigafactory in Berlin is the key to reduce prices for Tesla cars in Europe. We hope that it will make a decisive contribution to the introduction of electric vehicles on the continent.

Source: Computer Hoy

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