ID-Cooling has completed its line of low-profile CPU coolers with the IS-47S. As the name suggests, this model, including the fan, has a height of 47 millimeters. This should make it suitable for itx builds where every cubic inch counts. Also, both the heatsink and the included 92mm fan are black in color.

In addition to the white ID-Cooling logo, the IS-47S is all black.

Due to the combination of a copper baseplate, four 6mm heat pipes and 54 aluminum fins, the manufacturer claims a cooling capacity of 95 watts. The 92mm fan does its job with a spin speed of between 800 and 3,600 rpm and its noise generation ranges from 17 to 35.8 dBA. Maximum airflow is 40 cfm and static pressure up to 2.28 mm H2O should be possible.

The IS-47S measures 100 x 93 x 47 millimeters (including the fan) and is compatible with AMD’s AM4 as well as Intel’s main modern processor sockets. The cooler is expected to hit the market by the end of April, ID-Cooling has not announced suggested prices.

Source: ID-Cooling

Source: Hardware Info

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