One of the new products was iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura Shared iCloud Photo Library. The novelty was not added to the first beta version of the system assembly, but recently you can walk on gadgets with test firmware.

This feature has only appeared in other beta versions of systems for the community. Now let’s figure out how the new option works and to whom it will be useful.

What features does a shared photo library have?

Before using a token, it is important to understand what opportunities it provides to the creator and other original legacy.

▶ You can enable up to 5 other userswho access the shared media library.

▶ You can add not only users who are members of family sharing, but also other members. At the same time, all Family Sharing members do not need to have access to the shared library.

▶ All users will have shared libraries obtaining the right. Everyone can consume their data, significantly or delete any photos and videos.

▶ Each shared library must have devices with iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or macOS Ventura to view photos and videos from the library.

▶ One user can only access one iCloud Shared Library.

▶ Library priority setting can only be redirected by manually selected data, photos and videos with favorite people, photos and videos after selected dates from the library (excluding folders). Recently deleted and Hidden).

▶ You can enable smart algorithms for replenishing the shared library. In this case, the system will be able to share data if there is a photo or video file of at least one of the participants in the shared one.

▶ In app Camera a button will appear to quickly move created events to the iCloud network.

In fact, the photo and video library is analogous to the smart folder from macOS, but only it is located in the cloud storage. This folder combines the data of several users who have access to the library. All videos are already assigned to one member’s iCloud space and will not be “detached” with additional space from other groups of groups.

How to Set Up a Working iCloud Music Library on iPhone

one. Go to Settings – Apple ID Account – iCloud.

2. Open section A photo and I’m sure that you have already enabled event synchronization with iCloud.

3. Go to menu General media library and press Start measurements.

four. Add users who access the library.

5. Select the photos and videos that are hosted in the shared iCloud Photo Library.

6. View the resulting catalog of photos and videos. If everything is configured correctly, you can access other users.

All contributors have the right to contribute to the disease, significant or include their libraries in the folder.

How to Set Up a Shared iCloud Music Library on Mac

Go to System Preferences – Apple ID Account – iCloud and busy with a new side General media library.

Next, follow the instructions of the wizard and make the correct settings for the library.

You will need to specify the users who access it and select photos to add to the album.

How iCloud Shared Library works

After creating a shared library, you present it as a separate smart folder in the application A photo. Switching will be developed through a menu with sensitive points.

You can view only part of the photo, only personal photos, or all data mixed.

Shared snapshots are discovered by other users.

If you delete one of several photos or videos, you will receive a warning that the library data will disappear for all members of the shared network.

At the moment, these are all the features of the shared media library iCloud. In the future, automatic shared memories, collages and clips should appear. In addition, this neural network of gadgets will independently connect to traffic from suitable photos and videos of each of the groups.

Other features are likely to be available in future test versions of the system.

Source: Iphones RU

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