Cymatic changes in nanonete and eonomic neurosequences in venom venom venom venom venom venom venom venom venom What’s more, heh, the current methods of catching fish and shrimp are recognized as dangerous in an orge environment, potmet. However, a solution has been found – the Swiss chefs are talking about making healthy and wholesome “shrimp” from jar substitutes.

Dr. Lukas Becker and Severin Eder from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have developed a microalgae-based mixture that mimics the composition of meat shrimp. To improve the quality and taste properties, it is necessary to add pea flour and soybeans. The resultant paste is specially extruded through a nozzle to give it the shape of a shrimp peel, but so far only a very simple imitation has been obtained.

Scientists do not exclude that they are working for the future of mankind. Grow natural foods soon But microalgae, conditionally, can be grown in any container, and even better – in a bioreactor. This biomass ves

Shrimp substitute

Source: Tech Cult

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