One of the most popular innovations in iOS 16 is new desktop system. The setup interface has been completely redesigned, based on the ideas of the Apple Watch: ready-made “packages” of pictures and effects with the possibility of “finishing” for themselves.

Instead of choosing from pre-installed static images and bland animations, Apple rolled out something unusual, as if from the world of Android shells. I played with everyone for a month (you can’t call it otherwise) and I want to say that the feature is implemented great.

There are appearance effects, and lightening algorithms, and even support for the built-in neural network in iPhones.

I will show some examples of screen lock animations. I will also tell you how to search for suitable pictures and anticipatewhat “effect” do you see in the dynamics.

How to harm both now in iOS 16

An updated setup menu is available in the space.

Settings -> Wallpaper. This is the main menu where you can separately highlight the screen lock and desktop wallpaper.

long tap on the lock screen. Here it is convenient to choose one of the previously created or pre-installed screen lock options. You can also “fall through” further, in the settings of each woman.

Photo -> select a picture -> Share menu -> Set as wallpaper. Here, by default, the screen wallpaper is closed by default, but at the end you can set the picture to the desktop.

Added the ability to blur the desktop wallpaper. With it, a “blur” is superimposed on the picture.

So far, everything has been done in an extremely non-obvious way, sometimes it crashes, and some elements are not translated into Russian. In the second “beta” the logic was slightly corrected, so Apple is aware. There are still a couple of months before the firmware release, so I don’t see any reason to scold anyone in Cupertino now.

How to Write New iOS 16 Wallpaper in Dynamic

Apple has come up with almost a dozen preset screen lock modes. Among them:

Astronomy in the “lunar” mode and from the surface of the Earth.

▮ animated Astronomy with the solar system, lunar calendar, 3D renderings of the moon and earth, showing your location on the “ball” (earth, of course). Able to “bake” the old iPhone in the expected form, but it looks chic. May be a “reference” to contacts with wallpapers of the first iPhone itself.

wallpaper Unity and mode Color.

▮ animated wallpapers Unity based on the colors of the eponymous collection of Apple gadgets and accessories.

▮ mode Colordawn generate gradients from any natural.

“Balloons” and generator emoji patterns.

▮ animated “balloons”, achieved since the days of iOS 7, but now it is deeply customizable in colors. Move depending on the tilt of the iPhone.

▮ generators emoji patterns, which support any symbols and emoji in the system. You can do a lot of things there. I’m sure it will be interesting for absolutely young users.

Mode “Weather” and line.

mode WeatherA that displays the current weather conditions at a future location. So far it’s not very stable. Including because the data from the Weather in beta versions of iOS 16 is not always correct.

▮ mode lineswhere the colors of the lights are customizable.


random photos from your Photos library. The built-in iOS neural network analyzes frame data, sorts them by content (people, nature, cities) and changes pictures several times a day. The frequency of setting changes is configurable.

mode People, which itself offers to select pictures from the news library Photos with people in the center of the frame. Uses the Siri neural network to separate the person from the lights and triggers an animation of progressive lightening when the screen is unlocked – the background “appears” of rain.

Fish mode and new standard wallpaper iOS 16.

▮ new fish mode based on wallpapers from the first iPhone shipped in iOS 16 Beta 3.

▮ new “standard” wallpaper ios 16.

There is also a mode Pride, but I suspect it will be very short. It has a cool unlocking and entertainment effect that I can’t pull off here due to RF.

Perhaps, by the release of the system, other modes will appear.

For the rest, a simple animation system was invented.

An example of the result of highlighting an object on the wallpaper when locking and unlocking in iOS 16.

Not everyone will have enough pre-installed “modes” of wallpaper. Therefore, Apple gave fans of customization another bonus: animation algorithms lock screen.

They happen when you install ordinary picture or snapshot as desktop. It is impossible to control them, but it is easy to predict their performance.

Here are three things that the iPhone and iOS 16 neural processor does to any picture when you set it as wallpaper. If you know them, you can easily find the perfect wallpaper for yourself in the media library. Or on the Internet.

1. The appearance of the object. iOS tries to find something in the photo that should be considered important. For example, this is a person in the center of the frame, an object or an animal.

In this case, the object will be selected for the same purpose that is used for another new feature in iOS 16 – removing lights. When you then unlock the smartphone, the object will appear first, and everything else.

I recommend for such shots taken on the iPhone in the “Portrait” mode (that is, with the blur of the lights).

An example of the expected perspective in iOS 16. You can download this photo of me and try the same.

2. Virtual “Perspective”. If a “key” object is found in the picture, then it is iOS, the lightening priority, the supposed borders of the object “sneak” a little on the widgets and the time displayed on the lock screen.

So far, this does not always work well and requires a bit of dancing with a tambourine. But it’s Beta, after all. So I hope they will finalize it for the final version. The Perspective effect can be turned on in the upper right corner when the screen lock is configured.

Best with “Perspective” photographs of architecture work.

The direction of the artificial screen lightening effect is always from light to dark.

3. Smooth lightening. If there are no objects in the image, iOS looks for significant dark areas of the image as well. Based on this, the “animation” of unlocking is programmed. If there are no transitions in the picture, then there will be no animation.

Remember the main principle: from light to dark. Knowing this, you can get any desktop picture and know in advance whether the iPhone will be unlocked with a “gradual” effect.

Just a few examples + pictures

On the left is how the screen is artificially dimmed in iOS 16. On the right is how it looks in reality.

It will not be possible to show the effect in the recording on the screen completely: the process gets lost when it is completely blocked. But the main limiter is that in the examples you see only image dimming algorithms from the iOS system itself.

The rest “finishes” the smooth shutdown of the iPhone screen. It turns out whole beautiful Effect.

I offer several pictures and examples that demonstrate well the new features of changing the lock in iOS 16.

◀️ Left photo: download original

▶️ Right photo: download original

◀️ Left photo: download original

▶️ Right photo: download original

◀️ Left photo: download original

▶️ Right photo: download original

◀️ Left photo: download original

▶️ Right photo: download original

◀️ Left photo: download original

▶️ Right photo: download original

◀️ Left photo: download original

▶️ Right photo: download original

otherwise, the page will stop searching on older computers and smartphones. But I think you get the gist. It remains to experiment. Protect pictures on your site and on the Internet, put wallpaper on your lock screen and see the result.

Just don’t install the beta version of iOS 16 for this. too early yet. And who has already risked – forward!

PS Should I make certain collections of wallpapers with the same effects in the future?

The best wallpapers for iPhone

Click and download to your smartphone

Source: Iphones RU

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