Is it recommended to buy an iPhone on Wallapop? 5 tips to keep in mind

We give you some tips before you buy your used iPhone from Wallapop or a similar store.

Buying an iPhone is usually not cheap and therefore a very good option. go to the second hand market, is probably the cheapest way to get hold of an iPhone. While we have other interesting stores like Milanuncios, one of the most recognizable stores for doing this is Wallapop.

However, is it safe to buy an iPhone on Wallapop? The truth is that it depends. this is true there are tons of trusted users selling cool, well maintained appliances at a good pricebut there is also others trying to take advantage and defraud users. Therefore, we will give you some advice so that you can buy your iPhone on Wallapop without fear and with confidence.

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Is it worth buying a used iPhone on Wallapop?

Advantages of buying an iPhone on Wallapop

Wallapop is one of them most popular thrift stores and a good place to buy an iPhone. Here are some advantages:

  1. Access an iPhone for a good price. The used market is a quick and easy way to get an iPhone at a good price, there is a huge supply and you can negotiate the price with the seller.
  2. Safe shipping option. Wallapop has secure shipping option so you can buy devices remotely from where you are.
  3. Get discontinued iPhones. If you love collecting iPhones or want an older iPhone for some reason, Wallapop is the perfect place to find iPhone models of almost all generations.
  4. A well-designed app with many options. Wallapop is an app that works pretty well and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Also, Apple is a brand with a lot of presence on the platform and there are many iPhones for sale.
iPhone 12 blue in hand

Wallapop is a store where thousands of iPhones are sold.

Tips for buying an iPhone on Wallapop

There are many tips we can follow when buying a used iPhone from Wallapop. Some of our recommendations are:

1. See the user’s rating history

One important thing before buying an iPhone. recommendable view the profile of the user who sold it and see the ratings it has. If you have a few or very bad ones, it’s best to be wary of that user and opt for another iPhone. It’s not perfect, but it can be very helpful.

2. Ask everything you need to know about iPhone

it’s important that you do Questions about iPhone before buyingWe leave you some questions to ask to find out the status of the device:

  • When was the iPhone purchased?
  • Do you have a purchase invoice?
  • Is the iPhone still under warranty?
  • Is everything working perfectly and in good condition?
  • What is the health of the battery?
  • Especially if they are going to send it to you, they will ask for the serial number to enter the Apple website and see that everything is correct.
White iPhone 12 in hand

It is very important to review iPhone before buying, take the time you need

3. Avoid very cheap prices

if the offer is very good, be careful. Before buying an iPhone, it is recommended that you do a search and see the prices at which the model in question is usually sold. If the price moves too far from the average, there is probably a gimmick and they are trying to scam you.

4. If possible, inspect iPhone before purchase

Being a technological device It’s nice to be able to try before you buy. to see that everything is alright. Here are some steps we recommend you follow:

  • Thoroughly test the device, buttons, touchscreen, camera, speakers to verify that everything is working correctly.
  • Check the battery status in Settings > Battery > Battery health. Less than 80% will require a change.
  • Get an external battery with a cable to verify iPhone is charging properly.

5. Check if any part of iPhone has been replaced

In some versions of iOS, the system can know if any part of the iPhone has been replaced during a repair and whether these replaced parts are genuine. This is something you can control Settings > General > Information.

If any part has been changed, it will appear. under serial number. At any time you will be able to see if the iPhone has been repaired and if the parts used are genuine.

So, is it recommended to buy an iPhone on Wallapop?

Buying a used iPhone has risks, but if you follow all these tips you shouldn’t have problems, neither on Wallapop nor any other second-hand app. Then, It is recommended to buy an iPhone on Wallapop. or in other similar applications such as Milanuncios.

It should be noted that a A used iPhone may not work perfectly, its battery may last less and may suffer some damage. aesthetic. All of these can affect the selling price, so if you see any of these issues, don’t hesitate to bargain.

Source: i Padizate

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