Wildberries are becoming a distribution channel for counterfeit products, but the market is ready to take action to prevent such sales. This was stated by Vladislav Zaslavsky, Director of the Department of Digital Merchandise Marking and Legalization of Product Invoicing of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Ministry of Industry and Commerce: Wildberries become a sales channel for fakes

"Today this company [Wildberries] it really becomes a channel for the sale of counterfeit products, and this is evidenced by numerous complaints, both from consumers who go to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and from community representatives, for example, the tanners' union, ”he said. Zaslavsky (cited by RIA Novosti).

The representative of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce cited as an example cases of sale of prescription drugs, dietary supplements, as well as massive cases of sale of counterfeit shoes.

Wildberries, according to Zaslavsky, responded to this by wanting to create a system to prevent possible sales of fakes and counterfeit products through its platform.

Updated at 17:42 Moscow time: The RB.RU market press service reported that "information about the sale of counterfeit products by Wildberries is not true."

“Together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and other departments, we are countering the appearance of dubious products on the Russian market. <...>. Now Wildberries is developing an automated counterfeit detection system based on artificial intelligence, which will increase the efficiency of our work in this area,” the company said.

Wildberries also added that if violations are detected, sanctions are applied, from blocking the products to completely blocking the seller from the site.


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Source: RB

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