HE Bank of Brazil application this thursday (7) is having trouble. In the afternoon, the failures peaked as several bank customers crashed the app, resulting in instabilities and instability. login errors.

By platform DownDetectorThe malfunctions, which received complaints from the problematic services, started in the morning hours, but peaked after 13.30 this Thursday. Some affected users also shared their pain on social networks such as Twitter.

Problem with BB app?

According to user reports, the main flaws of the app are connected to the login. When trying to access the platform with biometrics, the service gives an error screen and asks for a password.

However, even if the user uses the password or even resets the application with a new password, the platform is not logged in. In some cases, the BB application does not even reach the login panel, it gets stuck on the main screen with the logo of the financial institution.


Application instability comes at a time that can be critical for many customers. Today is the fifth working day of July, which is normally used to pay bills in commerce, for example.

Reply from the Central Bank of Brazil

In response to customers on Twitter, Banco do Brasil’s official account said the mobile platform was “in tune”. While there is still no solution to the instabilities, the agency says it will resolve the issues “as soon as possible”.

Check out the full description: “The BB App is currently being adjusted. We are already working to normalize the situation as soon as possible. We recommend that you try again later and use our other service channels if necessary.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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