Secialists from the Universite Setforida opicovalle It is officially called the helmet-bearing basilisk, but among the people these animals are better known as “Jesus lizards”. They got this name for their ability to walk on water at the same speed as on land.

For the first time, these lizards were bought in Florida back in the late 60s. last century. Since then, they have multiplied significantly and began an offensive in the north of the region – in the literal sense. They have no natural restrictions, but they themselves hunt and devour everything that they can push into their mouths. Helm-bearing basilisks are immune to humans due to their size, but they can tolerate huge kovlichesat.

Scholars directly compare the spread of “Jesus lizards” to an invading army. Unfortunately, there are no effective fears. To make matters worse, the lizards eat insects that are themselves carriers of various diseases, and thereby expand the area of ​​​​infestation, which is already out due to the spread of diseases.

Source: Tech Cult

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