On the Internet you can find a wide variety of advice on washing in a washing machine, for example: how to learn how to use washing modes correctly, what kind of detergent and how much it is better to use, how to wash without dust , how often you can wash certain things in a washing machine, etc. Many tips are quite effective. At the same time, others can not only ruin your clothes, but also your washing machine, which is not cheap. Therefore, before you try something new, you must first understand it well.

Not long ago, a very interesting piece of advice appeared on the Internet. Its essence lies in the fact that if you throw a few simple balls of aluminum foil in the washing machine drum, they will help to remove the rinse aid stains, remove the stubborn stain, eliminate static electricity and, as a bonus, your clothes afterward. after washing it will become much softer and more pleasant to the touch. It certainly sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? In addition, this method is a really simple and most importantly inexpensive solution, which in turn will improve the quality of washing for just pennies. Whether this is true or another myth of those who like to experiment, we will try to solve it today. Personally, to be honest, I really don’t think so, it seems to me that this is another duck surfing the Internet. Then let’s get started.

Why do you need a foil ball?

Using foil balls during washing is quite simple, and most importantly, their cost is minimal. Theoretically, the aluminum balls will help to clean things better during washing and to solve some of their problems. All you need to do is roll up a few thick balls of aluminum foil, which you can buy at almost any store, and put them in the washing machine drum with your clothes. At the same time, it is not necessary to use new balls every time, having wound them once they can be used for six months or as soon as they shrink and start to lose density.

One of the main purposes of the balls is to neutralize static electricity, which forms on clothes and underwear as a result of rubbing. A special drum rim should eliminate static electricity in the washing machine, but it can not always cope with this task. That’s why we need these balls. As a result of its use, your things will not stick together and will not lose their original appearance. Therefore, you can use such things for a long time.

Also, during the washing process, the balls give things an additional mechanical effect, and also contribute to better mixing of the washing powder, which is important. As a result, not only do your things wash better, but the stains sometimes left by detergent after rinsing also completely disappear. Another of the main theoretical advantages of this washing method is saving your family budget. Because by using balls, you will soon notice that with each new wash you will need less and less detergent and fabric softener.

What do we get in practice?

In theory, all this sounds great, but in practice, the effect of such balls is completely different. If we are talking about static electricity, then this method will be most relevant not when washing, but when drying things in a washing machine. During drying, these balls will really help reduce the amount of static electricity on your clothes. Since the foil is made of aluminum, and as you know, aluminum has a wonderful ability to remove static electricity. If you find that during the drying process the balls do not completely eliminate all static electricity, then it is recommended to combine them with a previous use of fabric softener, or rinse the clothes with vinegar, which softens the fabric and reduces this problem. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to use only white vinegar, which is added precisely in the last rinse cycle. Well, the easiest way to get rid of static buildup is to take your still-wet clothes out of the washing machine and hang them outside to dry quietly.

It is worth adding that foil balls are completely safe for human health because they do not contain any chemicals, so they cannot cause any harm. Such balls will also not be able to harm the drum of the washing machine. The only problem you are likely to run into is that the foil may start to crumble and the particles will remain on your underwear.

It is not necessary to use foil balls for washing, special plastic or rubber balls, which you can buy both in specialized stores and on the Internet, are more suitable for this. Such balls are sold in several pieces at once, since one ball is unlikely to cope with the task. It is worth noting that it is effective to use tourmaline laundry balls. They really make washing easy and do not contain synthetic detergents. In addition, tourmaline balls are one of the popular detergents at the moment, and most importantly, they are designed to be washed without dust. Therefore, you can save a lot of money, since you do not have to constantly buy washing powder. A set of tourmaline beads will last approximately 2-3 years, and this is with daily washing. The only thing is that if the contamination is strong enough, you still have to use the powder.

There is another fairly new way – the use of magnetic balls, which will help not only to wash things with high quality, but, as the manufacturer claims, will even help to remove scale in the washing machine without any chemicals. During the washing process, the balls hitting the fabric effectively “knock” the dirt out of the fabric. The balls really work, of course, not 100%, but it is quite possible to periodically use them when washing pillows and other things. However, it should be understood that such balls can be used for almost any mode of the washing machine, including washing with cold water. But at high temperatures (80–90 degrees), such balls should definitely not be placed in the drum.

Summing up, I would like to say that it is possible to use foil balls, and this is not another myth of those who like to experiment. They really contribute to a better mix of the powder detergent and also give an additional mechanical effect on the items being washed. Of course, there are also negative aspects, for example, during use, the aluminum balls may begin to crumble, and the aluminum particles will remain on your things. After washing, you will have to make an effort to clean things from the foil or wash them again. Also, no matter how well you roll these balls, the sharp edges will remain, and since the mechanical processing takes place in the washing machine, the addition of such balls can likely damage items made from delicate fabrics, for example, to the appearance holes, hooks, puffs, etc. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to use special plastic and rubber balls that are designed for effective washing. Currently, there is a huge selection of such balls for every “taste” and wallet. Also, buying special balls is quite simple. And to be honest, they are not that expensive to save on this, and they are enough for more than a year.

That is all. Thank you all for your attention. Friends, do not forget to share in the comments what interesting and, most importantly, effective washing methods you know.

On the Internet you can find a wide variety of tips for washing in a washing machine, for example: how to learn how to use washing modes correctly, what kind of detergent and in …

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