Review of the new series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could Waititi top his own Ragnarok?

Finally, the fourth part of the adventures of the Scandinavian god of thunder Thor of MARVEL interpreted by Chris Hemsworth has been released. Like Ragnarok (part 3), Love and Thunder (title of part 4) was also directed by Taika Waititi. Thor became the first hero from the first phase, which received up to 4 full solo albums. And Love and Thunder is certainly not the last. Let’s see how this movie turned out. Was Waititi able to surprise or not? How did the actors do? Was this tape necessary?

About the movie

The plot begins some time after the end of the Avengers: Endgame movie. Thor left Earth and went on a journey with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He trained a lot and got fit, but only externally. His soul is still empty. And, remembering what and who Thor has lost throughout his history in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), this is not surprising.

Parallel to this, we are shown the main villain of the film. Gorr lived on one of the dying planets with his daughter. Due to lack of food and water, his daughter dies. Soon after, Gorr meets the local gods who are celebrating. He understands that the gods do not care about him and his daughter, so, having received the power of the cursed sword, he kills these gods and opens the hunt for everyone else.

On Earth, Jane Foster has cancer. She is in the last stages of her illness and is desperate to find a cure. With no other ideas, she goes to New Asgard. He, under the leadership of Valkyrie, has become a resort. There, the shattered Mjolnir beckons to Jane, granting her the power of Thor. Now the heroes must unite to defeat Gorr and save all the gods, not just them.

Waititi style

If you saw Thor Ragnarok, you more or less understood what the fourth film about Thor would be like. Jokes, jokes and more jokes. Taika Waititi does a great job with comedy. Not everyone likes it, but what can you do. And indeed, in Love and Thunder there is quite a lot of humor of different quality. However, personally, it seemed to me that the fourth Thor was still far from being as comical as the third.

If you remember Ragnarok, Waititi tried to balance humor and drama. However, there frankly he did not. The movie itself (I’m talking about Ragnarok) turned out quite well for my taste. However, at first, the amount of goofy humor was, frankly, over the top. And the drama they tried to show us just didn’t work. Maybe because it was more or less configured. But most likely, we were frankly indifferent to the characters around whom this drama was staged.

In the fourth part, as for me, Waititi managed to strike a balance. There’s still a lot of humor here, but it’s not that silly, and often even appropriate. And also the dramatic elements are built with more strength and quality. In Love and Thunder, the characters really can and should feel empathy. You understand how important they are and how natural they are. In other words, I was expecting a light comedy with too many stupid jokes from the movie, but got some unexpected depth for me.

Actors and characters

Now a little about the cast. Chris Hemsworth is great as always. Looking back on his first movies in the MCU and comparing them to Love and Thunder, you can see how the actor has grown. He finally understood the hero and literally became him. Of course, not without the help of directors and screenwriters. The first two parts were downright boring and tedious. In general, they were more about Loki than Thor. But more on that below.

Natalie Portman as Jane is just as good. She returned to the role after 9 years and was able to show her character from a new side for us. Before the movie, many spat, they say, look, again the classic hero is replaced by a female version. But believe me, this character will make you forget about these conversations. Jane turned out great and Natalie showed it perfectly.

Valkyrie came out pretty standard. I’m not a big fan of Tessa Thompson, but she did well. Why did I say standard? Because the heroine of him practically does not change at all. There are hints of character growth, but only hints. Even Korg has changed quite a bit over the course of the movie compared to Valkyrie. Although both do not play a particularly important role in the plot. Speaking of Korg, if you’ve played God of War 2018, you’ve probably heard the reference to Mimir. Well, or I saw something that isn’t there. Who knows.

Well, Gorr is also worth mentioning. He is played by Christian Bale. And I am fascinated with his work. In general, I like Bale as an actor since the days of Equilibrium and the Power of Fire. What can we say about Batman? I already said in the trailer breakdown that I’m so sorry actors of this stature only end up in the MCU for one movie. He did a great job playing Gorr, turning an ordinary movie villain into one of the best antagonists in the entire MCU. There isn’t much of that in the movie though.

Thor in the MCU

But what about Thor himself? As I said before, the first two films were extremely gray films. Thor was boring and the plot was hackneyed. In those movies, Loki was a much more colorful character than Thor himself. However, things have changed since Ragnarok. A lot can be said about the fact that in the last parts Thor’s image of the majestic Norse deity turned into a wanderer and a comedian. And in part it is. But precisely because of that, the character came to life. Now we can understand him and compare ourselves with him. And that’s great.

Ever since the second tape, Thor has been constantly losing something. Mother in the Dark World, Father, country and hammer in Ragnarok, Brother and friend in Infinity War. Relationships with Jane also ended up somewhere behind the scenes. Alone in the universe, even the god of thunder can no longer live like before. Before watching Love and Thunder, I thought, is Thor really going to lose anything here? Maybe enough is enough? We are seeing the loss of character from tape to tape. Maybe it’s time to change something? And, curiously, Love and Thunder change. But not all at once. Not quite right away. And that’s why I’m wondering what the next image of Thor will be in future MCU movies.

new dubbing

Also worth mentioning is the new voice acting. We all know that due to the realities of life today, most Western companies have abandoned our market. The same goes for movie distributors. The Russian dubbing has now been transferred to another country, namely Kazakhstan. And if Thor’s voice remains the same, all the other voices have completely changed. As I watched, my attitude towards new voices was constantly changing. The new actors tried very hard to keep the old voices, so they felt familiar, though not all of them. I personally noticed 2 shortcomings in the new voice acting.

First, it is fragmentation. As you watch, you feel that the actors are from different worlds. Of course, this is due to the fact that many recorded in different places and probably did not contact each other. Second, what bothered me much more was the rush. In many scenes where the characters communicate with each other calmly, in the dub, they seem to be running somewhere and don’t have time to get the words out. In general, both can be attributed to inexperience. I fully admit that in the following films the level of voice acting will be even higher. This one is quite visible, although a bit annoying in places.


The fourth Thor pleasantly surprised me. With its balance of humor and depth, the acting, the visuals (the battle scene in the black and white world is great), and the music. This is the purest solo album, coming from the first or second phase in a good way. Critics didn’t particularly like the movie, but ultimately this is more of a plus for the movie than a minus. The rating of the audience remains around 8 points out of 10. And if I had to rate the film by points, I would agree. If you love the MCU movies and Thor, this movie is definitely worth watching. Especially since it won’t cost you anything right now (level 80 pun). Except for the wasted night.

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