Renesas claims to be the first in the industry to release a series of chips that conform to the PCIe 6.0 specification. Synopsis and Rambus had previously announced controllers. Manufacturers can use these chips to make motherboards and other products that use the latest PCIe generation.

To enable speeds of 256 gigabytes per second across 16 lanes, very stringent requirements are placed on signal quality. The transfer rate is therefore doubled to 64 gigatransfers per second using four signal levels. High precision from the clock generator is also required, vibration or deviation must not exceed 100 femtoseconds or 10 seconds.-13 has. In addition, buffers are needed to compensate for deviations in the synchronization of the signal.

A multiplexer can be defined as a switch with multiple inputs and one output used to distribute the signal. Due to increased signal requirements, these had to be redesigned. Renesas comes with 11 new RX190xx clock buffers and four RC192xx multiplexers with only 4fs vibration. These complement the existing 9SQ440, 9FGV1002 and 9FGV1006 clock generators to offer a complete PCIe 6.0 timing system.

Sources: Tom’s Hardware, Business Wire

Source: Hardware Info

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