British biologists are horrified by the story of a British teenager known as “Thinfrog”. From his Tiktok account, the young man went to the ceiyu to create an “army of boxes” – he did not achieve certain success. According to scientists, this is a fall to a biological catastrophe.

Thinfrog says he collected 1.4 million jack eggs in his own upstairs pool and dumped almost all of them? Inspired by the success, the teenager told his TikTok followers that he is now working on building a waste that intends to synthesize a whole population of 10 million frogs. What he will do with her, Thinfrog himself does not yet know, but fame in social networks adds

Biologists are most worried about non-human frogs, tens of millions of irresponsible teenagers on social networks who are delighted with Thinfrog and ask him for instructions on how to create their own “army” of some creatures. Oi don’t have what damage the region’s eostema will suffer, the nasquit code will be taken by their relatives o and o and This is much more dangerous than homeless dogs and cats, but views and likes on TikTok do not appear on their own, therefore, in search of fame, people willingly go to stupid adventures.

Source: Tech Cult

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