Windows 11 was released just over 9 months ago, but we still haven’t seen its final look. A new announcement on the operating system’s official blog confirms that the company working on bringing back the old function. This is the Windows 10 search bar, albeit a fairly updated one.

The search bar can be found on the taskbar, as we already did in Windows 11. Also, it won’t be the only one.

Windows 11 currently has direct access to the search function on the taskbar. Of course, this is a magnifying glass-shaped icon that we can click on to perform this function. However, one of the experiments shows a smaller taskbar, although we also see another of the prototypes with a slightly longer length. Similarly, they seem to be testing out a new magnifying glass icon, although it’s probably a simple aesthetic change.

microsoft intends to get the opinion of users before pushing this change to all computers. As such, only those people who participate in the Windows 11 Experimental Tests will be able to access them. Of course, the fact that they are being tested is not a confirmation that this change will happen, as this is just an experiment.

Other changes coming to Windows 11

Windows 11
An explanation of the notification indicators will appear at the top of the Widgets section.

On the other hand, this won’t be the only feature coming to Windows 11. According to the company’s post, widget section will release notification indicators on the taskbar icon.

The shape of this indicator is very similar to the one we already found in the Windows 11 Action Center, to the right of the taskbar. In addition to this, when you open the widget section, A brief explanation of what caused this will appear. the appearance of an indicator in this area.

Amanda Langowski, head of windows insidercomments that “when you open the widget control panel, a banner appears at the top of the control panel with more information about what caused the notification icon to appear.”

The Windows 11 camera app will also receive an update.. It looks like from Windows Insider they are testing a new interface for the app. As per the above, it will have a more modern design to better integrate with the aesthetic part of the new system.

Finally, The media player will get an update. The program will finally be able to “burn” discs and convert them to AAC, WMA, FLAC and ALAC formats. Until now, this has not been possible, although, fortunately, this art is in decline.

Source: Hiper Textual

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