Linktree is officially launching Android and iOS app to the popular “link bio” service. The platform is widely used by creators to compile and redirect several links placed in the bio section of social networks from a single link.

The new app allows users to update their links with fewer clicks, streamline processes and “bridge the gap between creators and their audience.” According to the company responsible for Linktree, the app is designed precisely to reduce the time users spend updating their profiles and make it easier to create, edit and share content.

Other possibilities of the Linktree app include accessing data and metrics as well as customizing themes, buttons and fonts. Alex Zaccaria, the brand’s CEO and co-founder, says creators can “create and manage their profiles on the go, entirely from their devices.” mobileIt makes processes faster and easier”.

According to the company Linktree, the platform is used by: More than 25 million users. Other recent brand launches include: Linktree Marketplaceto access trading partner connectivity apps and integrations, and NFT Gallerythis allows you to showcase your unchangeable tokens and “build a community around”.

As of this writing, the official Linktree app is not appearing on the App Store or Google Play, but it will appear soon.

Source: Tec Mundo

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