Vedomosti reports that the M.Video company has started selling delayed iPhones.

At the moment, the retailer has received only two iPhone models in “like new” condition – iPhone XR and iPhone 11. The cost of used iPhones turned out to be slightly lower than that of new ones.

So, a used 64 GB iPhone XR costs 38,490 rubles, while a new one will cost 39,999 rubles. A used 64 GB iPhone 11 costs 42,190 rubles, a new one costs 47,999 rubles.

Such a difference in the development of the company “as close as possible to the new” state of smartphones. Over time, with the expansion of the range, the benefit will be up to 60%. Used iPhones are sold only on the site, they do not appear in offline stores. [Ведомости]

Source: Iphones RU

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