this Bandai Namco this Wednesday (13) confirmed their servers are on target cyber attack It took place on July 3rd. After the Twitter profile @vx-underground announced this information on Monday (11), rumors about the invasion began to circulate.

Cybercriminals have invaded the internal systems of several companies of the holding in the Asian continent, with the exception of Japan, where the group’s headquarters is located. According to the statement, as soon as suspicious activity was detected, access to the servers was blocked.

While the blocking was immediate, the company says customer data may have been accessed from parts of the brand. Investigations are being carried out to determine the extent of the damage and the possibility of information leakage.

Bandai Namco also said that it is working to improve server security in all its divisions to prevent further cyber attacks. In addition to toys, the organization operates in the anime, amusement parks, arcades and video games segments and is responsible for games. Hand Ring, dark souls and dragon ball.

Who attacked Bandai Namco?

Although the Japanese giant did not provide detailed information about those responsible for the cyber attack, there are indications that the malicious campaign was led by members of the organization. AlphaV groupAlso known as black cat. they used ransomware However, for now, there is no threat of leaks as there is no ransom demand or payment for the stolen data.

HE Group that may have stolen data from Bandai Namco It is among the biggest ransomware threats to large corporations today. An FBI report released in April found that at least 60 companies were hacked by BlackCat, which began operations in late 2021.

Source: Tec Mundo

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