taking additional steps to prevent Data scraping on Facebook and Instagrama Aim started two lawsuits against users of the technique in the US this Tuesday (5th). The method makes it possible to collect personal information for different purposes.

The first lawsuit is against Octopus, the US subsidiary of a China-based tech group that sells web scraping services to businesses and individuals, as they’re technically known. Provides software that can remove all accessible data from social media accounts.

Phone number, date of birth, gender and email address are some of the information the service collects automatically. Details about cross-platform interaction (profile URL, location, number of likes and comments) are extracted, along with data from Facebook friends and Instagram followers.

According to Meta, data scraping unauthorized and automated, which the sued company is trying to avoid detection, violates Facebook and Instagram terms of use and violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The service provided by Octopus also includes Twitter, LinkedIn, shopping sites, etc. It also allows you to gather information from places.

clone sites

Another lawsuit filed by Meta in the US court is against Ekrem Ateş, the operator of the MyStalk page. According to the social media giant, the individual used automated accounts. Scrape data from 350k Instagram profiles and post them clone siteswhere information, photos, stories and private posts can be clearly displayed.

In the lawsuits, the company demands that Octopus be banned from using the commercialized software and be compensated for moral damages. As for Ateş, who is already facing other lawsuits, big tech reported that it is trying to revoke its access to social networks again.

Source: Tec Mundo

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