Distrito Federal is a 22-year-old from Cidade Ocidental. Investigated for committing fraud using Pix, promises to multiply values ​​up to 10x. The suspect confessed to his crime, but was not arrested.

Similar to the functioning of Urubu do Pix, the young man posted tables on social networks promising to multiply deposits made through Pix. Sometimes hacked accounts that shared the table with one’s friends and family were used as a form of security. People deposited the money, but got no return.

He committed the crime after losing his job four years ago, and the coup has already reached hundreds in Goiás and the Federal District, according to the investigation. Extortion is freed by extortion through kidnapping, reception, illegal possession of firearms, and embezzlement.

Crisis and social vulnerability

The economic crisis and inflation created a situation of social fragility in the country. No matter how ridiculous their promises to increase revenue, scammers invest in the most manipulable to take advantage, whether out of lack of knowledge or desperation.

It is very important to be suspicious of miraculous promises and to check all information before sharing it with friends and family, so as not to fall for scams.

Source: Tec Mundo

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