Rumors that Nikon is preparing to withdraw from the SLR camera market caused the company to make a statement on the subject. predictably, Nikon has stated that the rumors are just speculation and there are no plans to give up SLR cameras at this time..

“There was a media article about Nikon leaving development. [de câmeras] SLR. The article is purely speculation and Nikon has not made any statement on this matter,” the official statement from the company said, “Nikon continues to manufacture, sell and service digital SLR (DSLR). Nikon appreciates your continued support.”

It’s a standard bureaucratic message at first, but for those with experience with company announcements, you can continue to plot some conspiracies.

Often companies like to highlight products that work when they want to emphasize that they don’t intend to give up on a particular market, especially commenting on those that are yet to be released. Often times there is a phrase like “no quit plans” or something like that.

Nikon’s message doesn’t actually deny the rumors. The company simply says it hasn’t made any announcements about it and continues to work with SLR cameras, and rumors point to it definitively that it’s doing this now, but that it will stop later. It is interesting that the positioning of the manufacturer makes no promises for the future. The way would be to stay tuned for more updates on the subject.

Source: Tec Mundo

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