Meta (Facebook) announced a few days ago that it intends to make its metaverse a place where content creators can also make money. At the moment with the sale of NFTs and other assets through Horizon Worlds. The company, however, plans to keep almost 50% of the income from purchases made in its virtual worldas reported by the representative CNBC.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company, in particular, will ask for a commission of 47.5% for every purchase made in the Horizon Worlds metatarsus. That percentage includes what Meta calls “hardware platform fees.” This is 30% and will apply to sales in the Meta Quest store. The remaining 17.5% is the commission that Horizon Worlds will take for each NFT or asset sold.

This 47.5% commission on purchases made in the metaverse is far more than what Apple and Google are currently asking developers to sell apps and services on every app. Both companies are essentially They ask for a commission of 30% on those platforms whose annual turnover exceeds one million dollars. This drops to 15% for new apps or those with revenue below the million dollar barrier.

Curiously, Mark Zuckerberg is positioning himself against the high fees that Apple and Google charge for their respective app stores. In fact, Meta’s CEO has gone so far as to make sure the metaverse offers sort of a way out of Apple and Google fees so that creators can “make more money”.

“As we build the metaverse, we are focused on giving creators opportunities to make money from their work. The 30% fees Apple takes on transactions makes this difficult, so we’re updating our subscription product so creators can now earn more.

Mark Zuckerberg on his official Facebook profile.

Apple and Google are cutting their fees, while Meta plans to raise fees for its metaverse.

Meta Facebook | Metaverso

Parallel to Zuckerberg’s high metaverse commission, Apple has begun allowing some “reading” apps (those that offer content like series, movies, books, magazines, or music through a previous purchase or monthly subscription). skip this commission 30% which they request for each purchase. To do this, developers can include a link in their app to redirect users to an alternative registration and payment page in the App Store system.

On the other hand, Google has also announced a reduction in the fees charged for every purchase. The company, in particular, will retain only 15% revenue from most available apps on your platform. At least for the first year.

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