Maybe you already have “Is it possible to charge iPhone overnight?” You had a question. You can do this, but it is important that the power supply and cable are in good condition. Also, iPhone has a built-in Optimized Battery Charging feature to help your battery last longer. This feature allows the smartphone to analyze exactly when and for how long you have charged the device, and then charge it up to 100 percent at a specified time. This is because a fully charged battery degrades faster. And to check if this function is enabled, go to “Settings”, then to “Battery”, then to the “Battery Status” section, and from there – to the “Optimized Battery Charge” section.

Purely in theory, the iPhone could catch fire while charging. However, the manufacturer notes that if everything is done strictly according to the safety instructions, the risk will be minimal.

Non-original and low-quality adapters and cables may cause a fire. In addition, if you fall asleep with the iPhone charging, the device may catch fire. In addition, if you plug your smartphone into the charger, it is not recommended to sleep with a wireless charger or power adapter, put it on yourself, under a pillow or under a blanket.

Using a broken or frayed cable or adapter is also dangerous. It is better to replace it with a new one.

Also, you should never charge your iPhone in the pool, shower, or anywhere else it could get wet. The manufacturer warns that this can cause electric shock, fire, damage to the smartphone or various injuries.

If you frequently use your iPhone as a navigation device while driving, set it up so that the device does not overheat. The problem is that when a fully charged smartphone is heated to temperatures above 50 degrees, the battery can swell or break.

Source: Ferra

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