Secret detail in macOS Sequoia, where Apple honors its history

Apple has made room in macOS Sequoia to remember the most iconic Mac icons!

Secret detail in macOS Sequoia, where Apple honors its history
Happy Mac, Dogcow and many other “Macintosh” icons are always worth remembering

Apple always finds a way to honor its history and thereby recognize all the milestones that have made it the exemplary company it is today. With the release of macOS Sequoia, which has one of my favorite features among those introduced at WWDC 24, the company has once again looked back and saved one of the most iconic elements of the Mac.

A wallpaper named “Macintosh” has been added to the latest version of macOS Sequoia. This animated background changes with graphics designed by Susan Karepioneer of digital graphic design, responsible for creating some of the most emblematic Mac icons, such as the Dogcow that we can make appear on the iPhone today, repeated in this wallpaper.

“Macintosh” is the wallpaper that pays homage to Apple’s history in macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia wallpaper “Macintosh” is available in 8 colors and randomly displays Happy Mac, Dogcow, the Print Settings dialog, the flower-inspired Command icon, the “crazy” text from the Apple Think Different ad, and the bombshell that was released when macOS classic crashed, among others.

Originally drawn as 32 pixels by 32 pixels, icons are now much larger and fill the entire computer screen. They also offer a more minimalist and modern design, preserving the essence of Kare’s original work.

Susan Kare worked at Apple from 1982 to 1986 as part of the user interface design team for the Macintosh project.was responsible for creating basic graphic elements such as icons, fonts and marketing materials.

His work stood out for its simplicity, clarity and visual appeal, and laid the foundations of Apple’s visual language. Although Kare left Apple in 1986 to pursue new professional challenges, his contribution was always remembered at Apple. So, from 1993 to 1998, 8 designs graced Apple’s Icon Garden, part of Apple’s former headquarters in Cupertino. Although later Steve Jobs himself would make the decision to eliminate it, that’s another story.

macOS Sequoia‌ is required to see this wallpaper in action, but it’s currently only available to developers before the full version is released later this fall.

In case you’re nostalgic and want to better appreciate them before they’re released, our colleagues at BasicAppleGuy have shared a series of high-resolution screenshots of the most retro Mac wallpapers.

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