July 15, Friday, sales of the MacBook Air M2 started worldwide. In Russia, of course, sales are not achieved – as they are discovered, official.

As long as there is demand, there will be supply. Therefore, over the weekend, the novelty appeared in Russia. Let’s see how much we give.

What to return to Avito

The first advertisements for the sale of MacBook Air on M2 in Russia were posted before the start of sales. Previously, they all went through a pre-order, and at least half (as usual for Avito) looked like fraudulent ones.

Since Friday, content-rich announcements have been launched – with real photos of the box, serial number, and so on. The devices themselves appeared on the same day.

The base MacBook Air M2 (8/256) is sold from 120 to 150 thousand rubles. There are few models with an advanced configuration, which are preferable to buy, at the initial moment – many have already bought out. Prices for them start at 145 thousand rubles and crawl beyond the bar of 200 thousand rubles.

At the same time, a relatively new MacBook Pro with an M2 processor is available in Russia from 110 thousand rubles (8/256). And the previous generation of Air, which is based on the M1 processor, was generally sold from 70 thousand rubles. We are talking about gray market prices, of course.

What about conventional resellers and analog imports?

Bye there is nothing. But this is a matter of time – perhaps one or two weeks if there is enough equipment in the “neighboring” countries.

Judging by the pricing for Apple equipment, previously imported through parallel imports, those who want to buy Air M2 in the store need to give about 150-160 thousand rubles for the base model (8/256). Any advanced or custom builds are unlikely to be cheaper than 200k or even 220k.

How much would the MacBook Air M2 cost in Russia officially

In the US, this laptop starts at $1,199, $200 more than the M1 model.

Let’s take pricing until February 2022 as a basis:

▪ MacBook Air M1: RUB 99,990 ($999)
▪ MacBook Pro M1: RUB 129,990 ($1,299)
▪ MacBook Pro M1 Pro: 189,990 rubles (1999 US dollars)

By simple calculations, you can find:

▸ MacBook Air M2: 119 990 rubles

Naturally, we are unlikely to see such prices in the next couple of weeks. And even more so, no future sales with a similar price tag are foreseen in the foreseeable future.

But the experience of previous releases of Apple products in 2022 shows that with sufficient “gray” supplies, prices in this market in Russia will drop significantly after a month or two. Unless, of course, the situation with currencies does not change dramatically.

Source: Iphones RU

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