The host of the YouTube channel Patr1ot presented a selection of the best combat helmets to date.

  1. 2000. American helmet produced for the first time in 2000. New helmet, night vision, aiming, navigation, information displays, etc. The protective part of the helmet is made of textolite. The helmet is able to withstand the impact of fragments at a speed of 650 m / s, the weight of the helmet is 1.3 kg.
  1. Schuberth M826. This German helmet was created in 1980. It is used with plain or camouflage cover (cover) in combat operations. Weighing 1.5 kg, this model can protect against a 1 g piece or a 9 mm bullet that will fly at 600 m/s.
  1. PASGT. This helmet was made in the USA in 1980. The mass of the helmet is from 1.4 to 1.9 kg, depending on its size. The protection class of this helmet is IIIA. It can withstand a 1 gram piece flying at 620 m/s. You can also attach a night vision device to it.
  1. Mk7. British helmet worn by soldiers of the British Army. The weight of this helmet is 1 kg, protection class IIIA. It provides protection against fragments of bullets, mines, grenades, 9 mm caliber pistol bullets. It can withstand impact at speeds up to 650 m/s.
  1. Operation-Core FAST. American made helmet developed in 2009. For example, US special forces soldiers, special forces, etc. They are used by The helmet is somewhat heavy, having the shape of a dome, which was chosen taking into account the peculiarities of the work of special forces. The helmet is also equipped with a large number of different mounts, so the soldier in it can use many attachments at once. Of the features of the model – the presence of ventilation holes, mounts for a night vision device or action camera, strips for attaching additional equipment. Also, soldiers in this helmet can use headphones. Without all accessories, the helmet weighs 708 g, protection class IIIA, the thickness of the helmet is 6.43 mm. In 50 percent of cases, the helmet can be punctured at an average speed of 610 m/s.

Source: Ferra

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