Vedomosti reports that Sberbank is preparing two new social networks at once.

The first, Chipz, is an analogue of the vertical video service TikTok, the first, Punch, will become a platform for creating and promoting music. The “daughter” of Sber – ESN LLC, which was registered by Sberentertainment on February 20, 2021, is responsible for the creation. It includes people from Gazprom-Media and Yandex.Zena.

The company has already registered the CHIPZ and Punch trademarks and secured the and domains. They can also apply for participation in closed testing.

If everything is clear with Chipz, then Punch uses ready-made beats, audio effects and a neural network that extracts lyrics based on several words. In games, you can find ready-to-use products and create reactions to projects in the vertical feed.

Sber shows its analogue TikTok

Chipz may become a secondary project of a social network based on the exchange of vertical videos

Source: Iphones RU

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