Denis Mishin, co-founder of marketplace for insurance agents Inssmart, said his startup had raised $600,000 from the founders of AgentApp, a developer of IT solutions in the insurance market, Roman Kurdoev and Igor Zorin.

Market for insurance agents Inssmart raised $600,000

According to Forbes, the terms of the deal suggest that the new investors will subsequently be able to buy part of the shares of the previous investors, as well as of the founders of the company themselves, if all the established KPIs are reached.

Denis Mishin announced his intention to raise from 50 to 500 million rubles by the end of 2021, when, according to him, the income for 2021 amounted to 200 million rubles (in 2020 - 84 million).

At that time, the service, founded in 2018, which provides insurance agents with the opportunity to issue E-OSAGO, CASCO and mortgage policies and earn commissions, sold hundreds of thousands of insurance papers worth 1.9 billion rubles.

Directly in 2021, 210,000 policies worth RUB 1.1 billion were sold.

According to SPARK, the company's profit in 2021 was about 6.3 million rubles.

At the moment, the valuation of Inssmart is about 5 million dollars. The services are also monetized at the expense of a commission for the service.

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In 2020, Inssmart attracted investments from former Delivery Club partner and co-founder of ZakaZaka and Pandao services Ruslan Gafurov, and in 2019 from serial IT entrepreneur Dmitry Shklyar (he also invested the first 8 million rubles in 2018 in exchange for 25 % in company).

The company plans to use new investments to expand its business, launch new insurance products and enter the b2c market.


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Source: RB

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