TikTok has become one of the ten most used social media platforms on the planet, but it has grown so fast that many companies have yet to start marketing it.

If you’re part of one of them, check out this tip: Being on TikTok is practically mandatory.

There’s no doubt that TikTok has higher engagement levels than Instagram and a longer average watch time than YouTube. Users spend more time on TikTok than almost any other social network, but marketing with TikTok videos has its own challenges.

There is an endless amount of content to see, so people aren’t afraid to skip a lot of content in just a few seconds. So how do you grab the viewer’s attention and keep it throughout the video? And how are viewers converted into customers?

Follow some tips to improve your video marketing skills on TikTok.

1. Keep the video short

Good news! You don’t need to prepare a 10-minute video to get high engagement on TikTok. The most successful videos are between 21 seconds and 34 seconds.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to create short videos. No matter how short the video is, you still need to connect with the user, deliver value (entertainment, challenge, etc.) and pitch.

So the next tip suggests…

2. Be direct

Users have endless content to browse on TikTok, so if they don’t immediately see the value associated with your ad, they won’t spend time on your ad. You must submit the value in advance.

This doesn’t mean launching your product right away, it means giving the user what they want to keep watching the video. This is what we call “trapping” the viewer. Can you do this:

  1. present the fun right away (start the video with a cute kitten);

  2. tell the user what they will get (“Breathtaking… watch till the end!”);

  3. offer an incentive (such as a discount coupon).

3. Be dynamic

Static images and sounds do not trap users or keep them on their toes. Motion, color, music, and emotion provide the instant reward TikTok users seek.

Fortunately, TikTok offers many features for content creation within the app itself. But we know that as a business, you want to deliver superior quality and increase engagement. Then it’s worth adding effects to videos using green screens, animated backgrounds, and transitions.

4. Entertain the audience

Unlike other social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp, TikTok users come to have fun – and usually when they’re just taking a few minutes break from work or traffic.

That means they don’t want to see an interview with a company’s CEO. But maybe they want to see a product demo set to catchy music. Use humor, suspense, shock and storytelling in your videos to keep viewers engaged.

5. Use hashtags

Following the top trends is one of the most important tips for TikTok and hashtags are used to categorize these trends. If you’re one of the first to make a great video about a growing trend, engagement can skyrocket.

Take the time to research trends that your brand can potentially capitalize on, after all, not all of them fit your personality. Choose hashtags carefully and produce relevant content quickly.

6. Build partnerships

Whenever you become a partner on TikTok, you expand your reach. It’s worth partnering with other brands in the same niche to increase influence and gain new followers. Connecting with influencers can also add authenticity to promotions.

One study found that partnering with creators can increase views by nearly 200%. And TikTok has made it easy to connect with creators and influencers through the Creators Marketplace.

7. Use clickable CTAs

This is another way to quickly give the user what they want. Don’t make him wait until the climax. Give them the opportunity to click right away, especially if the video is short and impactful.

A clickable call-to-action (CTA) provides a way to increase engagement with your brand by clearly defining the next step in the customer journey. Make sure the landing page has the same feel and appeal as the video.

8. Post regularly

TikTok users watch a lot of content (almost 1 hour a day), so they may be more willing to watch your video, but they will also be more likely to forget. If you expect someone to follow your brand, you need to be consistent.

Posting often also helps you discover your niche on TikTok or the users who are most interested in your videos. The network algorithm automatically delivers videos to the most relevant users. Then you can use analytics to see if the follower segment is busy. Otherwise, it’s worth trying a new approach to reach new people.

9. Use subtitles

TikTok’s target audience is global, which means that many users do not speak English as their native language. Others watch videos with the sound muted. So captions can help you reach these people (there are millions!) with no effort or cost.

Think of it as a video marketing gimmick on TikTok.

10. Prepare, analyze and adjust

Your brand isn’t a celebrity, so you can’t “improvise” when making videos for TikTok. The marketing team should carefully plan each post and the results should be analyzed using the network itself.

If your videos aren’t doing well, try to find what isn’t working and make adjustments. Around 20% of the global population will be on TikTok by the end of 2022, so if you’re not getting the numbers you want, you can’t blame the demographic or the platform.

Spend time and money getting things right, because building a wave of followers on TikTok can be more valuable than on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube.

Marketing with videos on TikTok takes time and it’s perfectly normal

If you’re new to TikTok, you won’t have many followers in the first month. He may not even have many views. But it doesn’t hurt. TikTok requires a strong creative investment of both time and money. Finding that creative “spark” that resonates with your brand won’t be easy.

TikTok’s analysis and algorithm helps you determine your next steps when you make a video, whether it succeeds or fails. So keep trying, keep learning, and keep creating consistently. That’s how it’s done on TikTok.

Source: Tec Mundo

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