The developer of the super popular Pokemon Go, Niantic, has announced a new game with enhanced functionality called Peridot, in which it will be necessary to breed fairy-tale animals. In short, Pokemon Go was crossed with Tamagotchi, adjusted for the scenery of reality and AR inserts. The developers even made up the legend “After a millennium, the episodes woke up in a world too different from the one in which they lived before, and they needed your help to avoid extinction.” It is necessary to look after peridots, train them, feed and entertain them, helping them to treat cubs in mature individuals.

All peridots are unique – important from each other and have different habits, randomly created by characteristics and special generation procedures. Niantic claims that fairy tale locations even have their own DNA, which is related to the discovery of breeding, and it is done in the image of how DNA is found in reality. There are a few prototypes of beasts like the unicorn or the leopard, but in the process of breeding they can be crossed to completely create new species.


The game meets the real world in many ways – it’s a search for food, a nest for breeding, or a high need for peridot for a walk. Despite the story about saving from extinction, there is no doom clock in the game, and peridots do not die. Instead, there is a system of rewards for the fact that players often enter games and care for loved ones. AR is a big part of the game, Peridot is built on Niantic’s Lightship platform, so the animals can recognize many of our world objects – dirt, sand, water, grass, and leaves come into contact with the appropriate.

Peridot is Niantic’s first completely original development since Ingress. If you’re online, don’t use Niantic, it’s a good option on the App Store and Google Play. Preparations used to test the product.

Source: Tech Cult

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