At Sotheby’s auction, an unusually unusual lot appeared in the natural history block. Gorgosaurus skeleton is about to walk away with a hammer. There is no doubt that there is a lover of antiquities who is able to pay several million dollars for the opportunity to admire the remains of an ancient predator in the future. According to experts, the cost of this skeleton will lie in the range of 5-8 million dollars.

For those not familiar with the details of dinosaur anatomy, this exhibit looks very much like a tyrant’s skeleton. It can be distinguished only by the more rounded bones of the orbit. In addition, the Gorgosaurus skeleton is smaller, although it belongs to an adult, well-developed .os The height of the skeleton is about 3 meters, and the length is 6.7 meters. This type of dinosaur lived 10 million years later than the tyrannosaurs and was a carnivorous predator.

The skeleton is almost completely found – the cervical, posterior, caudal vertebrae and pelvic bones are intact. The auction administration has put it up since July 28 and rightly believes that it will become one of the largest and most attractive lots of this season. Despite the nobility of all forms, there are some doubts about the same, having got into a private collection, it will disappear into the lying dials until the moment once.

Source: Tech Cult

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