Because there are all kinds of web pages, you’ve probably felt the need to jot down or highlight a part of a web page in some cases. However, to achieve this, the browser you used did not help you at all and you had to resort to using a third-party application (usually a notepad application). Well, that will change shortly in the browser Chromium Google’s. We tell you why.

Thanks to a Reddit user using the Chrome Canary test version, it was seen that Google has already started to take the necessary steps to implement the power option. taking notes on web pages let them dress up This is something that was said to happen in the browser back in March when Chromium Gerrit agreed that the tool would be available to all users before the end of 2022. Time seems to be running out.

How to take notes in Google Chrome?

Well, simplicity is pretty awesome as stated. As usual, when a text is selected, press right button A drop-down menu appears with a new option called add note. When you select it, the new function is executed and a toolbox appears on the right side of the screen. You can see the highlighted text in it and there is the possibility to add your own to identify what caught your attention.

New option Add note in Google Chrome


Also, you can review them all in this place recorded notes previously on that website (it will be seen how the storage of this information works and whether the confidentiality is sufficient). In other words, its operation is similar to what is already presented in Google tools such as Docs or Sheets. So what is done is to implement this function in Chrome. And this is a excellent idea because the operation of the notes in these options is perfect.

The arrival of this new function

For now no fixed dateAlso note that the new Chrome feature is only available for testing in the least stable version of the browser. If all goes well, and when testing it it seems like everything went perfectly – in stability and integration – the normal thing is that in just a month or two everyone will be able to enjoy this addition. Google browser. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this will be achieved. Resource consumption Being too high can be a handicap for many users.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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