In Russia, in the context of a tougher policy of banks to verify borrowers, fraudsters began to offer “zeroing” credit history. They promise that reducing debt to zero will increase the chances of obtaining new loans.

Scammers in Russia started offering a new pseudo-service

The attackers immediately notice that the service is unique, accept payment - from 20 thousand to 150 thousand rubles - and disappear. Victims are left with a credit history and no money, Valery Lyakh, head of the Central Bank's Department for Combating Unfair Practices, told Izvestia.

The offer to "zero" credit history may be a continuation of the borrower's processing chain. First you may be offered to earn money on illegal currency, then they are offered to take a loan. After the client is in debt, the "debtors", the pseudo-lawyers, etc. come into play.

The regulator's specialist recalled that it is impossible to erase or change a negative credit history at the request of the client. It is realistic to correct or challenge a credit history if it is damaged by the lender or if the person has been victimized by scammers who gave them a loan.


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Source: RB

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